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10 Amazon SEO Simple Practices That Will Help You Get 10% More Customers Every Day

What works, what doesnt work on Amazon is not a rocket science, if your customers love your product, you will ROCK on Amazon and then more! Yet to get first 1000 customers to use your products we have created a rule book for Amazon SEO for your business.

1. Craft Compelling Titles with Relevant Keywords: Your product title is prime real estate. It’s the first thing customers see in search results and should entice them to click. Aim for 80-150 characters and include relevant, high-volume keywords that accurately describe your product. Brainstorm terms customers might use to search and prioritize those with strong search volume. Don’t forget to include your brand name for searchability.

2. Bullet Points: Highlight Features and Benefits: These are attention-grabbing snapshots of your product’s best qualities. Use strong verbs and concise language to showcase features and their corresponding benefits. Focus on solving customer problems and creating a sense of value. Don’t just list features; explain how they enhance the customer’s life.

3. Descriptive Product Descriptions: Go beyond bullet points with a detailed description. Here, you can weave in more keywords naturally while providing a compelling narrative. Explain how your product works, its unique selling points, and address any potential concerns. Use rich language, but maintain clarity and avoid keyword stuffing.

The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.

Jeff Bezos

What You Need to Know about the Images of your Products and How to be a brand on Amazon?

4. High-Quality Images: Showcase Your Product from Every Angle: Professional, high-resolution images are crucial. Use a white background to make your product the star. Include multiple images showcasing the product from various angles, close-ups of details, and even lifestyle shots demonstrating its use. Consider a 360-degree view for a truly immersive experience.

5. Leverage Backend Keywords: While invisible to customers, backend keywords are indexed by Amazon’s search engine. Here, you can add even more relevant keywords that wouldn’t naturally fit in your title or description. Research long-tail keywords (more specific phrases) to target a wider range of relevant searches.

6. A+ Content for Enhanced Branding (For Brand Owners): Registered brands can leverage Amazon’s A+ Content feature. This allows creating a premium enhanced amazon product listing with description with enhanced formatting, high-quality images, and even video. It’s a powerful tool to showcase your brand story, product benefits, and comparisons with similar offerings.

7. Respond to Reviews Promptly and Professionally: Reviews are the gold standard of social proof on Amazon. They influence buying decisions and can significantly impact your ranking. Respond to all reviews, thanking happy customers and addressing concerns of those with negative experiences. A prompt and professional response demonstrates that you value customer feedback.

8. Why Reviews Matter for Amazon SEO: Amazon’s search algorithm prioritizes listings with positive reviews. Reviews indicate customer satisfaction and product quality, which are key factors for Amazon. A healthy mix of reviews, including both positive and constructive criticism, builds trust with potential buyers.

9. Encourage Customer Reviews: Don’t be shy about politely requesting reviews from satisfied customers. Include a review request insert with your product or send a follow-up email after purchase. Make it easy for customers to leave feedback by including a link directly to your product listing.

10. Run Targeted PPC Ads: Consider Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to boost visibility. Target relevant keywords and demographics to ensure your ads reach potential customers actively searching for similar products. PPC ads can drive significant traffic to your listing, leading to more sales and, ultimately, more reviews.

By following these tips and consistently monitoring your listing performance, you can significantly improve your Amazon listing’s visibility and achieve better organic ranking. Remember, positive reviews are a crucial element of Amazon SEO, so prioritize excellent customer service and actively solicit feedback to build trust and drive sales.

A checklist to improve your daily routine towards Amazon SEO

  • Target few ASINS everyday, treat every ASIN unique.
  • Work on highlighting the key features of your product with utmost details via picture as well as text including your most important keywords for the product.
  • Check product reviews, take the feedback positively and work on improving your product.
  • Highlight to the customer about your brand and your brand story via the About Brand feature on Amazon.
  • Share customer testimonials or feedbacks via pictures or text on your brand to build your customer confidence into your brand and your product.

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